July 8_21


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     July 8, 2021 Our encouraging word, we all have a decision to make every day. Do I follow or do I control. Change is difficult for most people, we experience it as an unwelcome intruder, derailing our hopes and plans, we prefer to remain in control and to operate in familiar patterns even when they fail to serve us. Well, we might acknowledge intellectually that God can bring new beginnings and precious gifts out of our losses, but it somehow doesn't ease the sting of loss or prevent us from trying to avoid it. It isn't easy to trust the inner voice of the Spirit inviting us to cross over into this painful and unknown new territory. That was by Peter Scazzero. Proverbs 3 versus 5- 6. We know it well, “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding, in all your ways submit to him. And he will make your paths straight.” Whether it's asking God to help you with losses that you feel you should never have had or other situations going on, trust him, we might hang on to those things, but it will not change. It will not, nothing will change by us, hanging on. If we let go and submit to God, then He can move in us and do inside of us the work that needs to be done. He will make our path straight even though they might look crooked. Now they can be straight when we submit to him, Father right now. I pray that you would touch people reading this, that they would be encouraged. And if they're hanging on to anything, if they're hanging on to a loss, if they're afraid of change, or a new beginning, that it would just be too painful of a process to go through. I pray that they would trust that inner voice of the spirit inside of them. And they would submit to you. And that they would then see their path made straight, touch them. Today. I pray and let them hear your voice speaking to them so that they know they can trust you not to look to the left or the right, but to trust in you. The one who when we look to you, gives us strength, gives us guidance, gives us wisdom and speaks into our life and makes every crooked path, all of our paths straight. We thank You for in your name, Amen. God Bless you.